Who Are We?

We are a small amateur dramatic group based in Lancing, West Sussex and have been producing plays regularly in our local area since 1945 - but, not with the same cast members.

We are based in Wembley Gardens, Lancing, West Sussex. At present we produce two plays and a Pantomime (or Christmas Play) each year, which are performed in Lancing Parish Hall, South Street, Lancing.

We also hold occasional social events during the year and other opportunities to meet up with other members in our headquarters. We have the benefit of our own headquarters building where there is a good sized rehearsal space, set building facilities, wardrobe and prop storage.

Our main area of lacking at present is in people, we could do with more members to participate in all areas. Acting, Directing, Set design and construction, Props, Costume, Lighting, Sound etc. So if you have an interest and would like to get involved please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we're quite friendly.

 You can find a copy of our constitution here


A Brief History

Lancing Repertory Players are a drama society which was founded back in the 1930s. Originally Miss Manson put on a play entitled "Bunty Pulls The Strings" and it was this which caused the cast to form the Lancing Amateur Dramatic Society. This group produced two shows a year from 1932 to 1940 when the war intervened.

The society formed again in 1945 and put on a play every six weeks at the Luxor Cinema. This could seat up to one thousand. Plays continued here until 1951, the last performed there being "Bird in the Hand" By this time, the society had changed its name to the one it still bears today.

We continued to present five shows a year until the 1990s when we reduced to four in the face of the availability of other forms of entertainment.

In due course we were allowed to build our rehearsal rooms on a plot of land in Wembley Gardens and this is where we still meet twice a week to work on our productions.