Fairway to Heaven

by Diana Raffle

directed by Ian Black

18 to 20 July at Lancing Parish Hall

 Trevor's marriage is in a mess and so is his job. If he doesn't sell one big property before the end of the month he'll face the sack. However, thanks to his friend Bob things are looking up. They have managed to get invited to a party that could just provide Trevor with a buyer but the catch is that it's a Vicar's and Tarts party. Unfortunately, before leaving, Trevor accidentally smashes a priceless artifact that his wife is valuing for the museum. Desperate to cover their tracks the pair decide to break into Trevor's house after the party and fake a burglary. However, what they don't know is that not only is Trevor's mother-in-law holding a murder mystery evening complete with a policewoman kissogram, but in addition some real burglars have turned up!


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