Late of this address

by Ian Hornby

directed by Jody Bull

Lancing Parish Hall - April 2012


Newlyweds Rick and Vicky Maddocks have bought the run-down house for a song. Okay, so it needs some work doing, but for the price they paid you expect that sort of thing. What they didn't expect, however, was to find the house already occupied by the lovely Jessica. Even worse, it turns out that only Rick can see her - it seems she died mysteriously twenty years previously. Rick finds Jessica very attractive, much to the annoyance of his bride, who, on finding a book left by a visiting psychic, attempts an exorcism, only to rematerialise Jessica's equally ghostly husband. Except, of course, that only Vicky can see him. After the four have sorted out their relationships with one another, and the ensuing jealousies and rivalries they set about trying to solve the murders.


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