See What's There

by David Welsh

Directed by Ian Black

Produced by LRP - 14 to 16 April 2011


Julie Grainger pops down from London one weekend to visit her widowed Aunt Edna. She finds her Aunt dead in her bath. The Police seem to view it as an accident, but Julie begins to see it in another light as she and her friend Jo try to come to terms with the shock.

Could her Aunt have been murdered in a locked house? Two local men each show willing to spend time with the girls to help tidy up her Aunt's affairs... but can Julie trust Harry or Peter?

Harry Galbraith - Tony Hamflett
Edna Cooper - Wendy Dowse
Julie Grainger - Susie Pickett
D.I. Smethurst - Marlene Tinkcnell
Jo Atkins - Kellie Alyward
Peter Bowden - Jody Bull

Stage Manager - sara Owen
Set Design - Steve Budd
Set Build/Back Stage Team - Steve Budd, Marion& Peter Taylor, Claire Fawkes, Mary Macpherson, Wendy Norton & James Alyward
Lighting - Chris Pugh & Simon Arnold
Sound Design - Ian Black
Sound Op - Sara Owen
Continuity - Wendy Norton
Costumes - Marlene Tincknell
Props - Sara Owen, Ian Black & Marlene Tincknell
Publicity - Ian Black
Posetr & Programme - Sylvia Tombs
Photographs - Tony Pickett
Front of House - Rosalind Dickinson
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell