The Old Woman Who Lived in Shoe Cottage


written and directed by Yvonne and John Eddleston


Produced by LRP - 11 to 13 January 2007





Agatha Sillie and her eight children are what her neighbours think of as the "Family form Hell" until they find out things could be much worse. The Sillies have been tenants in Shoe Cottage for many years, but now a man from the council comes round to evict the Sillies. He is closely followed by owner Rachel Shrew and her son Arnold. The neighbours euphoria at getting rid of the family are short lived when they discover the reason for the eviction and what they will have to put up with instead.

Arnold is smitten by Agatha's oldest daughter Millicent, but could she possible by interested in a nerd like him?

The Shrews and the Sillies seem to be at daggers drawn, but then Willie Sillie hears something that changes everything.


The Old Woman Who Lived In Shoe Cottage - Photos


Agatha Sillie - Denise Fawke
Millicent Sillie - Talia French
Belinda Sillie - Charlie Owen
Dilys Sillie - Kirsty Cumber
Matilda Sillie - Nicole Edwards
Hilary Sillie - Shelby Hardy
Jillian Sillie - Ami Catling
Lilian Sillie - Tacita French
William Sillie - Kurtis Hardy
Roland Smythe - Alan Springham
Rachel Shrew - Carolyn Cumber
Arnold Shrew - Danny Robb
Dave Westbrooke - Jonathan French
Julie Westbrooke - Tracy Bowdery
Josephine Williams - Yvonne Eddleston
Constable Ford - Ian Black
Angela Fry - Wendy Dowse
Felicity Marsh - Kellie Waters
Other Protestors - Philip Norton, John Eddleston, Pat Lewis, Lauren Meredith


Stage Manager - Marlene Tincknell
Set Design / Construction - Marion Taylor, Peter Taylor, Mary MacPherson, Karen Howell
Continuity - Wendy Norton
Lighting - Peter Taylor, Matthew Cumber
Front of House Manager - Rosalind Dickinson
Choreography - Kirsty Cumber, Talia French
Props - Pat Lewis, Jean Sarfas
Box Office - John & Yvonne Eddleston
Publicity / Programmes - Peter & Marion Taylor