Improbable Fiction


by Alan Ayckbourn


Directed by Ian Black


Produced by LRP - 15 to 17 April 2010

Six aspiring authors meet on a winter's evening to discuss their work. The chairman, Arnold, attempts to persuade the group to collaborate on a piece of writing, an idea that is quickly dismissed. However, as Arnold is clearing up after the meeting there is a clap of thunder, a black-out — and then …

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Improbable Fiction - Photos



Arnold Hassocks - Paul Jones
Jess Bales - Denise Fawke
Grace Simme - Susie Pickett
Vivvi Dickens - Carolyn Cumber
Clem Pepp - Simon Birks
Brevis Winterton - Philip Norton
Isla Wolby - Jenni Acton


Stage Manager - Wendy Dowse
Set Design - Karen Howell & Peter Taylor
Set Construction - Back Stage Crew
Costume & Props - Marlene Tincknell, Julie Petrie & Back Stage Crew
Sound - Sara Owen
Original Music - Dennis King
Music Recording - Tony Clark
Lighting - Chris Pugh
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell
Front of House Manager - Roz Dickinson
Refreshments - Marion Taylor
Publicity - Peter & Marion Taylor
Poster/programme - Design Sylvia Toombs