Jane Eyre


by Constance Cox

from the book by Charlotte Bronté


Produced by LRP - 12 to 14 October 2006


Directed by Denise Fawkes




Mrs Fairfax Marlene Tincknell
Leah Charlie Owen
Jane Eyre Tegan French
Adele Tacita French
Mr Rochester Alan Springham
Mad Woman Charlie Owen
Lady Ingram Wendy Dowse
Blanche Ingram Carolyn Cumber
Lord Ingram Jonathan French
Mason Philip Norton
Briggs  John Griffiths




Stage Manager Ian Black
Set Design / Construction Ian Black, Marion Taylor, Peter Taylor, Theresa Bossin
Continuity Mary MacPherson
Lighting Andy Culver, Robin Clements
Front of House Manager Rosalind Dickinson
Costumes Julie Petrie, Pam Hardy
Props Jean Sarfas, Wendy Norton
Box Office John & Yvonne Eddleston
Publicity / Programmes Peter & Marion Taylor