POSH PosterPort Out Starboard Home

by Richard James

directed by Marlene Tincknell

at Lancing Parish Hall - 20 to 22 July 2017

Miriam hopes that taking her son Stewart on a cruise will help him find Miss Right, when actually, he's looking for a Mr.
Jackie's on the cruise for her health, though she's actually only sick of her husband, and Amanda's a washed up actress, taking any job going.


Stewart, Miriam’s son - Stevie Lambert
Wayne, ship’s entertainment officer - George Lake
Brian, Jackie’s husband - Zahir White
Alexandro, the barman - Derek Ost
Miriam, Stewart’s mum - Val Daly
Jackie, Brian’s hypochondriac wife - Carol Clark
Amanda, an actress - Jenny Thomson


Photos - Port Out Starboard Home - July 2017

Photos courtesy of Gary Levett