Shakers (restirred)


by John Godber and Jane Thornton


Directed by Charlie Owen


Production by LRP - 23 to 25 April 2009





Every town has its local trendy cocktail bar where everyone wants to be seen, from the local check-out girls to the chinless wonders, from the yuppies to the local lads tittering at the thought of a `long comfortable screw'. We are given a wickedly funny glimpse of this world by the four long-suffering waitresses who work there. Rushed off their feet, underpaid and overworked, they try to smile and help the difficult customers whilst coping with their own personal problems. A fascinating and often hilarious view of the reality which lurks behind the plastic palms and the pina coladas.

Shakers (restirred) Production Photos



Carol - Andrea Nash
Adele - Kellie Aylward
Nicky - Carolyn Cumber
Mel - Emma Millard


Consultant Director - Sara Owen
Stage Manager - Gary Savage
Set Design and Construction - Karen Howell, Steve Budd, Marion Taylor, Peter Taylor, Claire Fawke
Continuity - Sara Owen
Sound Technicians - Dave West & Joel Horne
Lighting - Matt Cumber
Front of House Manager - Rosalind Dickinson
Props - Steve Budd
Box Office - Mary MacPherson & Jean Sarfas
Refreshments - Marion Taylor
Publicity - Peter & Marion Taylor
Poster / Programme Design - Sylvia Tombs