Ali Baba

 by Graham Barraclough

 directed by Sue Duncan

 Produced by LRP - 16 to 18 January 2014



Ali Baba - Photos




Salli Baba - Steve Martin
Ali Baba (her son) - Carolyn Cumber
Benni Baba (her other son) - Kellie Aylward
Princess Paneeta - Lucy Neal
Sultan / Mummy - Callum Thomas
Monah (his wife) - Karen Franklin
Wafflah (a story teller) - Susie Pickett
Captain Khayyam - Robin Clements
Desert Fox - Douglas Robin
Shameeze (Benni's girlfriend) - Billie Poulton
Dilhi (a gormless guard) - George Lake
Dalhi (a very gormeless guard) - Meg Lake
Herald - Carly Gillam

Chorus & Dancers

Susan Braddock; Jamie Hopkins; Alisha Mai-Carlier; Arron Ost.
Hollis School of Dance and Drama:
Lara Beale; Jennifer Edwards; Mary Lean; Âine Daly; Laura Edwards; Erin Noy; Olivia Wells; Milena Ramashkevich; Keely Nicol; Lexie Collins.


Director's Assistants - Robin Clements & Susie Pickett
Set Design - Marlene Tincknell & Susie Pickett
Specialised Artwork - Trevor Hardy
Setbuild / Backstage Crew - Adrian Tincknell, Marion & Peter Taylor
Stage Manager - Marlene Tincknell
Wardrobe - Marlene Tincknell & Sue Duncan
Music and Sound - James Aylward and The Band
Lighting - Chris Pugh
Publicity and Programme - Steven Knopf
Front of House Manager - Wendy Dowse
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell
Tuck Shop - Marion Taylor