Apartment of the Feign 

by Channing Cornwall 

directed by Jody Bull 

Produced by LRP - 18 to 20 April 2013

Bert shares his apartment with three imaginary friends who are very real to him. He's visited and then befriended by Liz, who's escaping from her abusive cop boyfriend. Bert's imaginary friends don't like Liz, but Bert falls in love with her. Finally Liz arrives so badly beaten that she dies in Bert's arms. He's arrested for the murder by unsympathetic cops and, at the last, is deserted even by his imaginary friends.


Bert - Matthew O'Neill
Liz - Lynn Channen
Crain - Susie Pickett
Tessie - Maxine Murray
Mia - Susana de Sousa
Landlord - Neil Thomas
Officer 1 - Robin Clements
Officer 2 - Neil Thomas
Jerry - Steven Knopf

Set Design - Karen Howell / Jody Bull
Continuity - Wendy Norton
Stage Manager - Marlene Tincknell
Sound & Lighting - Chris Pugh
Set Building - Lancing Rep Members
Props - Jody Bull
Wardrobe - Susie Pickett
Publicity - Steven Knopf, Marion & Peter Taylor
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell
Photography - Alan Stanley
Front of House Manager - Rosalind Dickinson


Apartment of the Feign - Photos