After the Flags and Bands / White Lies 

Thursday 31 July to Saturday 2 August

After the FlagsAfter the Flags and Bands

by Allan Williams

directed by Marlene Tincknell

Throughout the First World War we follow the women left at home, through letters and monologues, as their good companionship helps them cope with the devastating events on the Western Front.


White LiesWhite Lies

by Richard James

directed by Billie Poulton

Four women gather at a London restaurant thirty years after their graduation. Bea is only concerned with herself and the other ladies decide it's time for payback. But, in this comedy, their little revenge stunt goes further than they planned...





After the Flags & Bands Cast
Annie - Susie Pickett
Olive - Carolyn Cumber
Lizzie - Meg Lake
Edith - Billie Poulton

White Lies Cast
Bea - Annabelle Heath
Ruth - Carol Clark
Pam - Marlene Tincknell
Judith - Rosie Snow
Waiter - George Lake

Stage Manager - Sue Duncan
Lighting - Julian Peach
Sound - Dave Levett
Props/Stage Crew - Peter & Marion Taylor, Aaron Ost, Alyson Mika, Aiden Rowe
Researchers - Aaron Ost & Meg Lake
Front of House - Rosalind Dickinson
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell
Tuck Shop - Marion Taylor
Photography - Miles Davis
Publicity - Stephen Knopf & Marion Taylor
Trumpeter - Peter Taylor

After the Flags & Bands / White Lies - Photos