Babes in the Wood 

by Keith Marsden & Geoffrey Rundle

directed by Marlene Tincknell


Lancing Parish Hall - 14 to 16 January 2016


Fairy Silverleaf - Lara Beale
Sir Casper, Sheriff of Nottingham - Jordan Fry
The Sheriff's Steward - George Lake
Maid Marion - Bryony-Rose Brookman
Peter - Lewis Wells/Lewis Collins
Pauline - Livvy Wells/Lexie Collins
Penelope Penwiper - Stevie Lambert
Muddles The Messenger - Kellie Alyward
Dirty Dan - Aaron Ost
Dizzy Des - Ruben Pol
Robing Hood - Meg Lake
John Little - Colin Bolton
Friar Tuck - Karen Franklin
Alan a Dale - Carol Clark
Will Scarlet - David Naylor
Cheeky child - Phoebe Brookman
Chorus - Susan Braddock, Carolyn Cumber, Linsay Oliver & Jenny Thomson
Dancers - Hollis Schools of Dancing
The Band

Assistant Director/Prompt - Steve Martin
Musical Director - James Alyward
Stage Manager - Robin Clements
Wardrobe - Sue Duncan
Set & Back Stage Team - Andy Culver, Mark Oliver, Robin Clements Marion & Peter Taylor
Lighting - Julian Peach
Sound - Ian Black
Poster & Programme - Julian Batstone
Front of House - Robin & Rosie Snow
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell
Tuck Shop - Marion Taylor

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