Holiday at Home

by Colin Barrow

directed by Billie Poulton

Thursday 30 April to Saturday 2 May

at Lancing Parish Hall

 The action takes place in the drawing room Thrivington Hall, the home of Lady Boucher, where the story of a spate of jewellery thefts unfolds. As some locals gather with their concerns, Lady Boucher and her butler Scribbins fabricate an Italian holiday, but stay at home to avoid hosting the next burglary. With a murder, it becomes a growing puzzle for Inspector Warwick to solve.


Lady Daphne Boucher - Sue Duncan
Sribbins - Sam Cocozza
Mrs Pentecost - Rosie Snow
Lizzie Crawford - Karen Franklin
Miss Derbyshire - Linsay Oliver
Miss Reynolds - Annette Armstrong
Reverend Pillpots - Mark Oliver
Inspector Warwick - Rosie O'Leary
DC Atkins - Hayley Wells

Stage Manager - George Lake
ASM - Meg Lake
Prompt - Karen Howell
Set Design - Karen Howell
Backstage Team - Marion & Peter Taylor, Robin Clements & Colin Bolton
Lighting - Julian Peach & Simon Fletcher
Sound - Ian Black
Italian Recordings - Sara Selim
Costumes - Cast Members
Props - Ruben Pol & Linsay Oliver
Set Dresser - Carolyn Cumber
Production Secretary - Sue Duncan
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell
Front of House - Robin Snow
Publicity - Joan Pimm
Programme & Poster - Julian Batstone
Photographer - Miles Davis


Holiday at home sm