Hickory Dickory Dock

by Graham Barraclough

directed by Sue Duncan

At Lancing Parish Hall - 15 to 17 January 2015


When Glitch, the Crimson Witch tampers with time in the village of Hickory Dickory, it’s a race against the clock to get things ticking over again. Fairy Flywheel finds a way for Carrie Bucket, and her friends to set off in search of Father Time, the only person who could hold the key to the problem. Things hardly run like clockwork, but with the help of Grandmother Clock and the Time Lord, Doctor Watt (Who?), the time-travellers manage to keep one step ahead of the wicked Witch, and wind up safely back home. How time flies when you’re having fun!

Director Sue Duncan says:

"Hey panto time is here again, lots of fun for everyone. I wanted something a little different, not the normal panto show and I found it. Hickory Dickory Dock has given us some challenges and lots of rib aches (from laughing of course). Lancing Repertory Players has a very good following audience and we are so grateful to everyone. You support us and we entertain you in return. A win win situation isn’t it. Have you ever thought of being on our side so to speak, giving up your audience seat and joining us to entertain others. Give it a try, come along and see what fun we have."

Come along to see this more modern take on a Pantomime, with many the traditional elements as well.

Lancing Parish Hall - Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 January 
with a matinee on Saturday 17 January 


Carrie Bucket - Susie Pickett
Becky - Hayley Wells
Tim - Billie Poulton
Ferdy Flapp - Kellie Alyward
Glitch - Meg Lake
Fairy Flywheel - Karen Franklin
Mayor Culper - George Lake
Dr Watt - Colin Bolton
Grandmother Clock - Susan Braddock
Old Father Time - Victor Sye
Jill Frost - Eire O'Halloran
Mad Hatter - Joan Pimm
March Hare - Aaron Ost
Queen of Hearts - Rosalind Dickinson
Ice Monster - Rosalind Dickinson
Dormouse - Olivia Wells/Milenia Ramashkevich
Chorus - Annette Armstrong, Colin Bolton, Susan Braddock, Rosalind Dickinson, Jordan Fry, Peter Hobby, George Lake, Eire O'Halloran, Aaron Ost, Joan Pimm & Victor Sye
Dancers - Hollis School of Dancing
The Band

Musical Director - James Alyward
Set Design - Peter Taylor
Costumes - Marlene Tincknell & Sue Duncan
Prompt - Steve Martin
Stage Manager - Robin Clements
Backstage Team - Karen Howell, Peter & Marion Taylor
Lighting - Julian Peach & Simon Fletcher
Sound Design - Ian Black
Sound Op - Chris Pugh
Front of House - Robin Snow
Box Office - Adrian Tincknell
Publicity - Joan Pimm & Annabelle Heath
Programme & poster - Julian Batstone
Photographer - Miles Davis


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