Pinocchio Poster sm



by Andrew O'Leary

directed by Sue Duncan & George Lake

at Lancing Parish Hall - 19 to 21 January 2017


Gepetto is a talented puppetmaker, but he really wants a son. Using the last of his money he makes a wonderful puppet and a wish. Now Pinocchio has to fulfil Gepetto’s wish, avoid temptation and become a real boy - Pantomime style!



Pinocchio - Kellie Aylward
Gepetto - George Lake
Dame - Stevie Lambert
Cricket - Karen Franklin
Fox - Carol Clark
Cat - Jenny Thomson
Stromboli - Phil Martin
Blue Fairy - Suzanne Millar
Buttercup - Joan Pimm
Daisy - Meg Lake
Dandelion - Susan Braddock
Antonio - David Naylor
Bassanio - Jenny Thompson
Gratiano - A. N. Other
Delivery Man - David Naylor


Pinocchio Photos - Jan 2017

photos courtesy of Gary Levett