Look Who's Talking


by Derek Benfield


Directed by Ian Black


Produced by LRP - 19 to 21 July 2007



Sheila and Andrew, a devoted middle-aged couple, are settling down to a mormal, relaxed Sunday - Andrew is digging in the garden; Sheila is preparing lunch while waiting for her old friend Jane to join them. But then two totally unexpected visitors wander into this idyllic country scene, with disturbing and riotous results. Brian, whom Sheila met fleetingly the week before, hints that their relationship had gone a good deal further than a glass or two of red wine; and Carol, Andrew's pretty secretary, seems all set for a naughty assignation in Italy. Sheila and Andrew each begin to weave an elaborate web of lies and half-truths to hide their own possible infidelities, unaware that the other is doing precisely the same thing. This leads to a complicated and hilarious series of misunderstandings and mistaken identities.