A Trio of Short Plays


The Retirement Party


Written and directed by Ian Black


Production by LRP - 9 to 11 October 2008


John and Wendy are a couple who have grown to live with each others ways over the years, despite the missed opportunities of the past. John is due to retire, which is to be celebrated with a surprise party. But there are more surprises in store than just a party, some that will change their lives.


John - Philip Norton
Julie - Emma Prendergast
Wendy - Sue Duncan


Assistant Director - Charlie Owen
Stage Manager - Sara Owen
Set Design - Karen Howell
Set Design and Construction - Karen Howell, Mary MacPherson, Marion Taylor, Peter Taylor
Continuity - Wendy Norton
Lighting - Matthew Cumber
Front of House Manager - Rosalind Dickinson
Props Marlene Tincknell
Stage Crew - Karen Howell, Charlie Owen & Marion Taylor
Box Office - Jean Sarfas
Refreshments - Marion Taylor
Publicity / Programmes - Peter & Marion Taylor

The Retirement Party - Photos