A Trio of Short Plays


The Canary Cage by Diana Raffle 

Directed by Ian Black 

Production by LRP - 9 to 11 October 2008

 Three women are locked in a cellar. One of them is psychotic. Two are in danger. Only one survives.


Dave - Philip Norton
Debra - Emma Prendergast
Jean - Wendy Dowse
Mary - Sue Duncan


Assistant Director - Charlie Owen
Stage Manager - Sara Owen
Set Design - Karen Howell
Set Design and Construction - Karen Howell, Mary MacPherson, Marion Taylor, Peter Taylor
Continuity - Wendy Norton
Lighting - Matthew Cumber
Front of House Manager - Rosalind Dickinson
Props - Marlene Tincknell
Stage Crew - Karen Howell, Charlie Owen & Marion Taylor
Box Office - Jean Sarfas
Refreshments - Marion Taylor
Publicity / Programmes - Peter & Marion Taylor

Canary Cage - Photos